Use a clean cloth to clean your child’s gums.

Use a small, soft toothbrush to clean your child’s teeth.

Get your child’s teeth checked once a year from when your child is 1 year old. Ask your clinic about making an appointment with a dentist.

When will your child’s milk teeth appear?

  • 4–7 months: The first tooth will probably appear. It will probably be one of the bottom middle teeth.
  • 8–12 months: The top middle teeth might appear.
  • 9–13 months: The teeth next to the top middle teeth might appear.
  • 10–16 months: The teeth next to the bottom middle teeth might appear.
  • 13–18 months: The first molars (the wider teeth towards the back of the mouth) will probably appear. The top molars usually appear before the bottom molars.
  • 16–23 months: The upper and lower canines will probably appear.
  • The second molars will usually appear last.
  • When your child is 3 years old, he/she will probably have all 20 milk teeth.